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Flex FX0321-1


Flex FX0321-1 Stacked Lithium-Ion 3.5Ah – The Ultimate Battery Pack – 24V Cross-Compatible with all 24V Flex Tools. Includes an exceptional 5 year warranty.

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When it comes to Power, Performance, and Battery Life – There is no Equal to the Flex Stacked Lithium-Ion Battery. This Flex FX0321-1 is a 3.5Ah Stacked Lithium battery that provides 200% more power, 300% longer battery life, and charges 100% quicker than a standard battery.

The FX0321-1 Has:Flex Stacked Lithium Battery Advantages

  • 1,200 Watts of Pure Power
  • 84 Watt Hours of Energy
  • Only weighs 1.5 lbs.
  • Protected by a 5-year warranty.

Features Include:

  • Drop, Dust, And Water Resistant
  • Power IQ – Discharges at a higher output for extended performance
  • Therma-Tech Heat Management – Keeps the battery cool for 25% longer runtime
  • 100% Cross-Compatible with all Flex 24V Tools and Chargers


The Flex Tools Advantage:

The Flex Team worked for years to perfect Stacked Lithium technology. The result? Flat, state-of-the-art lithium ion cells designed with multiple tabs that allow energy to move almost effortlessly. Stacked Lithium batteries are engineered specifically for power tools to deliver power that’s unmatched.

But even if you chose to not go with the Flex Stacked Lithium battery, their tools are impressive and their standard 24V batteries outshine the competition.  Not to mention if you buy before December 31st, 2023 and register your tools within 30 days, you get the Founders Lifetime Warranty!

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