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  • 3HP Puma Air Compressor

    PK-6060V | 3HP

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  • PUMA PK-6560V 5 HP Air Compressor

    PK-6560V | 5HP

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  • Puma PK-7060V Air Compressor

    PK-7060V | 6.5HP

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    PUMA Synthetic Compressor Oil

    PUMA 074-SYN30

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  • Puma DD1508VP electric air compressor for active homes and families. 8 gallon tank with 110v induction electric motor.

    Puma DD1508VP

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  • Puma Air DP-2022S portable air compressor with a direct drive pump and induction electric motor. Only weighs 75 lbs for grab and go applications.

    Puma DP-2022S

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  • Puma Air DP2505C direct drive air compressor with a 5 gallon tank. Includes folding ergonomic handle for storing away in 20" height spaces. Max operating pressure of 135 psi

    Puma DP-2505C

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  • Puma PUK-5508HG

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  • Puma TE-3040V

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  • 5 HP air compressor

    Puma TE-5040V

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  • Puma TE-6540V

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  • Puma 6.5hp 2 stage compressor

    PUMA TE-6580V

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