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    Triumph TC-650 Tire Machine Changer

    Triumph NTC-650

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    Triumph heavy duty tire machine tire changer

    Triumph NTC-690

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    Triumph NTC-950

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    NTC 950-1 Tire machine changer with press arm assist

    Triumph NTC-950-1

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    NTC-950-2 Tire Machine with Dual Press Arms

    Triumph NTC-950-2

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    Hy-Pro® TC-1300

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    Hy-Pro® TC-400M-B

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  • Hy-Pro® TC-430

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    Hy-Pro HPTC-530

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    Tuxedo TC-530Tux

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  • Hy-Pro® TC-770T

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    Hy-Pro HPTC-950 tire changer with integrated bead inflation jets and side mounted bead breaker. This tire machine is commercial grade for removing and installing tires.

    Hy-Pro HPTC-950

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Hy-Pro TC-950 Tire Changer. Commercial grade tire machine for tires up to 47"Tire changers are used to remove or install tires to automotive rims.  These machines typically use an electric powered rotating table and adjustable vertical shaft with a duck-head to protect rims.

Tire Irons are used to leverage the tire off the rim while the table rotates.  Once the top bead is pulled over the rim, the tire iron is placed under the bottom lip of the tire and the process is duplicated to fully remove the tire.

Most of our tire machines include a powered bead breaker.  First the tire should be fully deflated with a tire valve core tool.  The tire is then placed between the machine and the bead breaker and the tire is unseated from the rim with a powered arm.

Some machines include one or two press arms which help remove more rigid side wall tires like run flat or low profile tires.