Proposition 65 Statement

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Proposition 65 Statement

You may have seen the following warnings associated with our products, as well as on other products purchased from other manufactures:

WARNING: cancer and Reproduction Harm –
ADVERTENCIA: Cáncer y Daño Preproductivo –
AVERTISSMENT: Cancer et Troubles de l’appareil reproducteur –

Why does Shop Tools Outlet include this warning?
Our use of this label is a direct response to the State of California’s mandate on “Proposition 65”, the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. The label by no means indicated that our products will cause cancer or reproductive harm. While we believe our products are not harmful when used as designed, we provide the warning out of an abundance of caution and to comply with Proposition 65.

What does this warning mean?
This warning does not necessarily mean that our products will cause cancer or reproductive harm nor  does it mean our product is in violation of any federal or State product-safety standards or  requirements. Because of the burden of proof to be exempt from providing a warning is so onerous,  many businesses, like Shop Tools Outlet, simply elect to provide a warning based on the possible presence of one or more listed chemicals without evaluating the level of exposure. As a result, Proposition 65 warnings can be seen on all kinds od products including foods, supplements, herbs,  aspirin, alcoholic beverages and in all kinds of places including restaurants, grocery stores,  hotels, schools, and hospitals even though the level of exposure of offending chemicals, if any,  may be below the “no significant risk level” or the “no observable effect level” thresholds set forth in Proposition 65.

What is Proposition 65?
Voters from the State of California overwhelmingly approved an initiative to address growing  concerns about exposures to toxic chemicals. That initiative became the Safe Drinking Water and  Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. Proposition 65 states that any company operating, selling or manufacturing products that may be brought into the State of California are subject to post warning or face civil penalties of $2,500 per day. Private citizens may act as bounty hunters to identify products not having the appropriate warning labels and receive a percentage of the imposed fine. A manufacturer, distributor or retailer of the offending product can be found in violation of Proposition 65.

Proposition 65 requires the State to publish a list of chemicals known to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. This list has grown to include more than 1,000 chemicals. This list includes a wide variety of chemicals that can be found in many everyday items. The purpose of Proposition 65 is to ensure that people are informed about the potential exposure to these chemicals. A warning must be given if the listed chemical is merely present in a product unless a business demonstrated that the exposure it causes poses “no significant risk.” With respect to carcinogens, the “no significant risk” level is defined as the level which is calculated to result in not more than one excess case of cancer in 100,000 individuals exposed over a 70-year lifetime.

Where can I find more information on Proposition 65?
The State of California maintains the below website, which will provide more helpful information.

Todd Wilson