Diesel Fuel Caddy


HMC® GC-30G diesel fuel caddy. Simple and safe design. Includes a bi-directional pump which allows you to pump diesel out of the tank or reclaim diesel from an auxiliary tank.  Made in America!


The GC-30G diesel caddy safely manages fuel.  The tank is heavy gauge steel, bent with 4 corners from a single sheet, and mig welded to a top plate and bottom plate; then pressure and leak tested.

Features & Benefits:

  • Heavy gauge steel welded tank pressure tested, leak tested, and finished with a durable powder coat finish
  • Front aluminum feet are replaceable if damaged
  • 3/4″ tubular transport handle with fuel nozzle holder
  • 2 pc. modular fuel gauge, includes replaceable float or sight cap
  • 10″ diameter tires made from recycled rubber in the U.S.A.
  • Proprietary vent system restricts fuel flow if the tank overturns
  • Grounded transparent fuel hose

HMC’s GP-1 pump is attached to the tank’s 3/4″ NPT suction pipe.  Made in America, this pump produces about 1 gallon for every 15/20 revolutions.  It’s easy to rotate and you never have to worry about electrical sparks, a short, or carrying a battery. The GP-1 pumps in either direction; allowing you to fuel from the tank or reclaim fuel from an auxiliary tank.

The HMC Diesel caddy is used in multiple industries, businesses, consumer segments, and government agencies.  Great for storing diesel and easy to use.  An excellent alternative to dangerous CARB mandated gas cans and used by local, regional, and federal government agencies like FEMA, US Dept. of Defense, The National Guard, and more.