Lincoln 1142CLR Grease Gun


The Lincoln 1142CLR grease gun with a clear tube has been designed for use in harsh conditions, and it provides 100% grease identification.



Lincoln – the brand the pros demand for quality lubrication tools.

For over a century the industry has recognized Lincoln as the leader in professional lubrication tools.  Professional automotive, agricultural and industrial mechanics depend on Lincoln tools for their livelihood. Lincoln tools offer a lifetime of performance and are backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

Lincoln hand-held grease guns offer:

  • Rugged cast pump head for strength and durability
  • Jam-proof toggle mechanism prevents binding
  • Performance proven design
  • Locking follower rod with removable end cap
  • Extra heavy follower spring insures positive priming and uninterrupted pumping action
  • Accessible check valve allows easy cleaning without gun disassembly
  • Follower rod locks into follower to force prime
  • Precision fit and hardened plunger prevents lubricant bypass and resists scoring for a longer life

Lincoln Clear | Military Proven Design for positive grease identification:

Lincoln’s line of premium clear grease guns offer 100% positive grease identification.  Not all grease is created equal or for all applications; some grease has distinct color and cartridge tubes identify important attributes.  Lincoln’s clear tube designed grease guns eliminate confusion and offer confidence you are using the right grease for the right application.  These grease guns are made from high strength clear tube and aircraft grade aluminum adapters; resulting in the most durable guns on the market.  The Lincoln clear tube is resilient to damage from drops and has a proven history within the military maintenance support program.

Clear grease guns and grease gun tubes have these advantages:

  • Positive grease type identification (bulk or cartridge)
  • Visual confirmation of quantity of grease remaining in the tube (bulk)
  • Visual confirmation of air pockets eliminating the loss of prime (bulk)
  • Visual confirmation of grease separation or contamination (bulk)
  • Perfect concentricity and resilience eliminates bypass (bulk or cartridge)
  • Visual recognition of grease brand promotes quality of shop (cartridge)

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