Oil Caddy | Pro

Brand: HMC Model: OC30L-3.5


The HMC Oil Caddy Pro is ideal for lube shops and service shops. Designed as a mobile alternative for doing oil changes.  The Lincoln pump dispenses oil from the 30 gallon matte black tank and includes several choices on the length of hose from the pump to the dispensing meter. This handy piece of equipment has 10″ solid tires and a tubular transport handle; just tip back and roll throughout your shop or to the next vehicle to service. Easy to fill through the large 2″ diameter fill neck.  Includes a fluid level gauge to keep an eye on how much oil is in the tank.

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This is the hose length between the pump and the dispensing meter. 20′ is standard, but if you know you’ll be using the caddy close to your equipment a shorter hose may be desirable.

The dispensing meter is the part of the unit which dispenses the oil. For this model, they are a digital unit with various tubes or hoses connected to the meter. Model 905 allows you to pre-set the amount of oil to pump. Model 982 is our standard unit most common with this product. Mechanical meters are available under special order.

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This 30 gallon powder coated tank has two 10″ solid tires and front CNC machined replaceable aluminum feet.  Included is a durable pneumatic piston style pump from Lincoln Industrial, a filter/regulator combination unit, rubber hydraulic hose, and various options on dispensing meters.