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Safeguard 61207


Safeguard 61207 20 Ton Shorty-Air Actuated bottle jack with welded cylinder and reservoir and chrome a chrome plated ram.

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This Safeguard 20-Ton Air/Hydraulic Short Bottle Jack has a leakproof, precision-welded design for exceptional strength and durability. The high speed turbo motor provides efficient, effortless operation. A built-in bypass device protects the hydraulic system from over-pumping damage. The reduced height styling provides easier positioning under lower vehicles. Can be operated manually when an air source is not available. 8 1/4in. to 15 1/2in. lift height. Meets ASME/PASE 2014 Standards.

Features & Benefits:

  • Welded Cylinder and Reservoir for added Strength and Durability
  • Chrome Plated Rams to Resist Rust and Wear
  • Built-In By-Pass Device to Protect Hydraulic System from Over Pumping Damage
  • Self-Returning Spring for Ease of Operation
  • Built-In Muffler to Promote Quiet Operation
  • Built-In Inline Air Filter to Extended Motor Life
  • High Speed Turbo Motor for Efficient Effortless Operation
  • ¼ in Quick Connect Feature allows for Ease of Mobility and Remote Operation
  • Meets ASME/PASE 2014 Standards
  • Lifting Capacity 20 Tons
  • Minimum Lift Height: 8.25″
  • Maximum Lift Height: 15.5″
  • Ram Travel: 4″
  • Screw Adjustment: 3.25″


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