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Puma Air Compressors – 2 Stage Models

Puma, offers a wide array of air compressors, all of them designed with various use and compressed air demands.  It’s easy to always just choose the cheapest model or perhaps the most expensive model… but how you expect to use the air compressor and how often are always good questions to ask.  Personally, I use a small PUMA TE-5040V at home.  I use it to raise my HMC Industries SL-6090 lift table for my Deere lawn tractor, Toro zero turn, and my Harley Davidson Road King…. all of which the PUMA TE 5HP compressor does a great job.

But at the HMC factory, we have multiple employees using air and thus have extensive air requirements 8-12 hours per day.  We run air tools like sanders and grinders which use quite a bit more air.  We also run extensive lift tests with our tables going through load and repetitive tests for quality inspections.  Therefore, we use a 15 HP Reciprocating compressor with an 80 gallon receiver tank. We also have an auxiliary 120 gallon tank.  Demand and use definitely impact which model to consider.

PUMA offers in essence 3 pump models; the TE, TN, & TUK.

Let’s start with the top of the line consumer 2 stage pump, the TE Series.

The TE Series of PUMA compressors is designed for low entry level cost while maximizing quality and efficiency.  PUMA uses an all cast iron pump that is a radial W design oil splash lubricated.  These pumps run slow, usually under 1,000 RPM’s.  They are mated with a high speed small frame motor and don’t include a motor starter.  These are great units for the home shop that uses air over the weekends or at night and without constant air demands.  Like I mentioned earlier, I own the TE-5040V.  I bought it at the SEMA show over 6 years ago… and it’s durability ease of use is one of the reasons we started selling PUMA Air compressors this year when we added the Compressed Air Category.  CFM’s for the TE series are from 10 all the way up to 17 at 90 psi… and while the CFM may be similar to the TUK or TN series; it’s more about how the pump was designed and if you need continual air over a long period of time.  If you plan to run this 8 hours a day, 5 days per week you should be looking at the TN or TUK series.

But if you’re a DIY’er or just need a home shop compressor, the PUMA TE Series is a much better option than what you’ll find from retail stores and even some auto parts stores.

The next pump series to review is the TN Series.

The TN Series of PUMA air compressors is designed for the professional or light industrial/commercial applications.  TN Series pumps use the well known V Type pump… you may see a near identical design on the more expensive IR T30 compressors.  They are so similar, sometimes I wonder if it’s actually the same pump.  To prove my point, you’ll spend about the same amount on the Ingersoll Rand T30 as the PUMA TN but only with a 60 gallon tank. With PUMA the 5HP 80 Gallon tank is a great bargain.  The TN Series also run at a low RPM under 1,000.  However they use large frame electric motors that run at 1750 RPM.  This design combination provides optimal performance with excellent durability and longevity.  This is also a great solution for a temporary back up in industrial applications.  The TN-5080VM generates 18 CFM at 90 psi.  This compressor is on sale today for under $1,500!

Finally let’s review the TUK Series of PUMA Air Compressors

Puma 5 HP Air Compressor

PUMA’s TUK series is designed for industrial and heavy commercial use.  The ‘U’ means the pump’s heads have integrated unloaders… which allow the pumps to be configured in a dual control option.  We will review dual control in another  post.  TUK pumps are large cylinder ‘W’ style all cast iron pumps.  They operate at very low RPM around 800 and are mated with a large frame heavy duty electric motor.  Motor starters are standard with TUK PUMA pumps and these units are available with the premium package upgrade. Premium package upgrade includes an after-cooler, low oil shut off, automatic water drain, vibration dampeners, and PUMA synthetic oil.  The TUK 5HP model generates between 17 & 19 CFM between 90 and 175 psi of pressure and is priced just over $1500.  


I hope this brief description of each style or model of the PUMA 2 stage line helps you make a well informed decision on which unit you choose.  Compressed air equipment is an investment and sometimes you need a high end consumer model and other times your demands require an industrial design like the TUK series.  No matter which model you buy, you can be assured PUMA builds some great air compressors at amazing prices.  You can also be confident when you buy an air compressor from Shoptoolsoutlet, you get our kick ass mid west customer service. We strive to always treat our customer as if we WERE the customer.  Please let us know if we can answer any more questions or help you decide which unit to order.

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