HMC SL-3090 Motorcycle Lift

Brand: HMC Model: SL-3090


 HMC Industries SL-3090 Air Lift Table is the King of all motorcycle lifts.  This lift sets the standard with a 30″ wide x 90″ long table and load rating of 1,200 lbs. The 32″ ramp makes loading low profile bikes a breeze.  
If you own a bike shop or just like to work on your own bike, take a hard look at this lift.  HMC manufactures these right here in the U.S.A.  Their quality is unmatched by anyone.  When you buy an HMC lift you’re buying equipment your kids will fight over and gift to their kids some day…. they are that good.
Consider adding the Quad Side Extension package for ATV’s, Mowers, or just to have a wide platform.  Extensions are a set of 4 and can be loaded in any location or even flipped over and used as a tray while you work.  Trike package includes 3 ramps and 2 sides.  Quad package includes 2 ramps and 4 sides.

A cycle vise squeezes the front tire between two arms to hold the bike upright. A wheel chock uses a rocking craddle which closes past center to hold your bike up. Always secure your bike with straps to the eye bolts after loading.

The SL-3090 Quad Side Extension Kit includes 4 independent side extensions, frame support system, table support bar, and 1 additional ramp. Sides can be inverted and used as a tool tray individually.

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Why HMC Industries?

Buying the best is never a mistake; buying cheap can sometimes lead to throwing your money away.  When you buy an HMC motorcycle lift, you are investing in the best equipment you can get.  These lifts are designed for every day use in shops that service hundreds of bikes a month.  They are also a popular for discerning guys who don’t want to put their valued Harley, Indian, BMW… you get the point… on a cheap import.  Yea, you’re going to pay more for this lift, but you’ll also sleep better at night, knowing when you need to work on your bike, you have the best lift to do it.

Rated at 1,200 lbs and powered by air.  Mig welded 1/4″ laser cut steel frame. Phenolic non-scarring front wheels. Large rear wheel drop out, with a proprietary table support cross bar when side extensions are loaded. (Included with the Quad or Trike extension package) Huge 27″ long x 6″ steel cylinder with a CNC machined 6″ piston… all made in the U.S.A.  Ramp is designed to locate in multiple locations across the back of the table and side extensions; 4 ramps will provide full coverage left to right, but 2 ramps can be located either 100% on side extensions or split the middle between the side extension and the table, ramps can also be set side x side in the center making a 30″ wide ramp platform.  The table on the SL-3090 is huge. 30″ wide and 90″ long, it is the largest single piece table available.  Mig welded 11G structural tubing runs throughout the underside of the table, guaranteeing the most rigid, solid, no flex table available…. all with a beautiful powder coated finish in Olive Drab, Thunder Blue, or Matte Black.  You can even get a custom powder coated color as special order.


Features Include:

  • 30″ wide x 90″ long single piece 12G steel table
  • 15″ wide x 32″ long ramp with adjustable locations
  • Rear wheel drop out for easy tire removal
  • 1/4″ Laser cut steel frame with integrated safety locks
  • 6″ x 27″ long pneumatic cylinder with CNC machined steel piston
  • 4″ phenolic non-marking wheels
  • 2 3/8″ heavy duty cam track bearings
  • 1″ pivot pins with grease zerks
  • Integrated frame mounted safety bar which prevents loading the table
  • Durable powder coated table with multiple color options
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 10 Year limited warranty

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