CV-2049 | Cycle Vise


CV-2049 | Cycle Vise by HMC Industries is the best performing cycle vise money can buy.  From the CNC machined aluminum handle to the all steel acme threaded screw, this vise delivers power and performance day in and out.

Made in America by Americans.


CV-2049 | Cycle Vise is quality constructed in America from 3″x2″ rectangular tubing and fabricated heavy gauge steel.  The movable jaw is powered through a steel acme nut with steel acme threaded rod.  The solid CNC machined aluminum handle ensures you’ll never break it and tear up your arm while securing your wheel in place.  Cycle Vise bolts in place with 6 fasteners on the set jaw and 4 fasteners on the movable jaw.  Fully compatible with all HMC Industries lift tops.
​Cycle Vise has heavy EPDM 60 Durometer Rubber on the inside surfaces to prevent marking wheels.


  • 3″ x 2″ heavy gauge steel tubing
  • 60 Durometer Rubber on inside face of both upper and lower jaws
  • Removable tire stop allows for easy tire removal
  • CNC machined aluminum handle
  • Steel ACME threaded screw and nut for jaw movement
  • Oil hole to lubricate power screw
  • Compatible with all HMC SL Series lifts and many other brands
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The CV-2049 Cycle Vise is compatible with these lift models; SL-3090, SL-3086, SL-2484.

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