M-30 Air Cleaner

Brand: Air Vac Model: M-30


The Air-Vac M-30/M-30C Series is a 3,000/3,500 CFM (Cubic Foot per Minute) air filtration unit. It’s self-contained for use individually or in groups in your shop or building without exhausting or duct work required.


Designed for automotive service shops or fabricator shops, the M-30 Air Cleaner is made in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  Designed to turn 80% of your shop’s air through it’s filtration system, this unit keeps your heat or cooled air inside your shop without the cost of exhausting that dirty air and replacing it with fresh air.  This saves money and results in a cleaner, healthier, shop environment.

Included with the M-30 Air Cleaner:

  • 8 pocket micro-glass bag filters
  • Filter Guage
  • Remote Control
  • Eyebolt Hangers