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  • iDeal MSC-13K-B Mobile column lift system

    iDeal MSC-13K-B

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  • iDeal MSC-18K-X

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    Ideal® MSC-6KLP

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  • SML6 Mobile Column Lift

    AMGO® SML-7

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SML6 Mobile Column Lift

Mobile Column Lift from AMGO

Mobile Column Lifts are designed for mobility and quick operation.  They are designed similar to a pallet jack and can be moved to the vehicle. A great option for oil changes and tire rotations.

Our Mobile Column Lifts have a lift capacity between 6,000 and 7,000 lbs.  They work great with most cars, hatchbacks, and small trucks.  Our brands include Ideal, AMGO, and Stratus; each with slightly different design variations, but all accomplish the same task.