Hy-Pro®18G-Oil Drain

18 Gallon Oil Drain


Hy-Pro® 18G-Oil Drain designed to collect used oil. Includes an 18 gallon plastic tank, 17″ plastic funnel, and hand pump for evacuation.

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The Hy-Pro® 18 gallon oil drain is a must have for any shop or home garage.  Keep your floors clean by not missing a drop with the 17″ diameter funnel. Holds up to 18 gallons of used oil and includes easy to crank evacuation pump.

Features & Benefits:

  • 18 GALLON fluid capacity
  • 4′ foot evacuation hose with hand crank pump
  • 17” DIAMETER plastic funnel
  • Built-in funnel contamination screen
  • 48” to 71” adjustable height
  • TRANSLUCENT polyethylene tank
  • Reservoir pour spout & cap
  • Manual ‘pour’ evacuation
  • Integrated reservoir hand grips
  • Portable with four 3.5” swivel casters
  • Safe and easy to use