Hy-Pro® SL-2484 Motorcycle Lift


The Hy-Pro® SL-2484 Motorcycle Lift with cycle vise is 24″ wide by 84″ long; includes cycle vise, table wide ramp, rear tire drop out, and air control foot valve.

Choose one or all of these fine accessories to complement your new lift.


Hy-Pro shop equipmentHy-Pro® SL-2484 Motorcycle Lift table works great with a wide range of motorcycles and scooters. This bike lift includes a 24″ wide table that’s 84″ long. With 30″ of lift height this motorcycle lift gets your bike off the ground so you can work on it.  This lift table has a low 7″ lowered height which makes loading your bike or scooter a breeze.

This Hy-Pro® SL-2484 Motorcycle Lift has a powerful air cylinder which generates 1,000 lbs. of lifting capacity.  The cylinder is actuated with a simple foot valve, installed between your air compressor and the lift.  The foot valve rocks between centers to easily raise the lift table or lower it.  A safety detent bar is included, ensuring the lift stays elevated while you are working on your bike.

The Hy-Pro® SL-2484 motorcycle lift table also includes a single ramp 24″ wide that hooks into the table. When lowered the ramp sits at an angle to make loading and unloading your bike simple.

Features and Benefits:

  • Capacity: 1,000 lbs.
  • Lifting Height: 30″
  • Min Height: 7″
  • Overall Length w/ Ramp: 108″
  • Platform Size: 84″L x 24″ W
  • Power Unit: Air (90-100 PSI)
  • HPCV-1K Cycle Vised Included
  • Cast Steel Foot Valve Included
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Available accessories include:

  • Side Extensions expand the lift table to 48″ wide.
  • Front Extension expands the lift table length to 97″.
  • M-Jack – a center scissor jack for raising your bike while it’s on the lift.
  • M-Chock can replace the CV-1K Cycle Vise – Some drilling may be required.
  • SC-2000 American Made Wheel Chock – Some drilling may be required.
  • CV-2049 American Made Cycle Vise – Should fit without additional drilling.

The Hy-Pro SL-2484 is identical to the Tuxedo M-1000C motorcycle lift table. We soft lable the product with our brand Hy-Pro and use the table’s dimensions as a model number. But it is commonly sold by other equipment dealers as a Tuxedo M-1000C scissor lift table for motorcycles.


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